Dear Humans, This is a friendly invitation to our camp in the Austrian mountains. In a 5 day retreat we will explore computational intelligences and live together side by side. The retreat will be hosted by and it's happening in the second half of July 2021.


The theme of the retreat is "Conversations with Computers". Our goal is to enable embodied networks through the development of new forms of computational intelligence.
We invite people of all ages and backgrounds who are interested in machine intelligence, cyborgs, data feminism, conversation design, telepathy, art, science, and future societies. There are no specific requirements, except for a certain level of curiosity and adventurousness. You should be open to try new things, and be willing to share your ideas and experiences.
Before we meet in a cottage in the Austrian Alps, we will hold virtual gatherings, where we will get to know each other with our silicon companions. Together, we will look into the future of digital people, explore the possibilities and challenges and discuss the kind of relationships we want to have with our AI-cousins. We believe that everyone is an expert and encourage participants to share their knowledge and exchange ideas. We want to create a setting where humans and machines can freely exchange information and value. But we also want to encourage a critical gaze on current AI models and develop alternative ideas, far from capitalist norms.
*Partly generated with GPT3


Your submission should identify an area of interest with a tangible goal that can be developed in a couple of months. While we are looking for people interested in artificial intelligence, we define the term very broadly and would like to push the boundaries of what alternative intelligences mean.
Your project can be an autonomous robot friend, but it can also come in the form of written texts, videos, performances, games or something completely different.
Please also think about a way of how to share your ideas connected to your project with others through small exercises, workshops, focused discussions, movie-screenings etc.

Your submission will be reviewed by servus team members and invited guests to form a diverse selection of around 10 humans. If you are interested fill out the form, it shouldn't take you longer than 1 hour.


*We are currently conceiving the camp in respect to local and national anti-covid19 measurements. Slight changes in formats and schedule may apply. More info will be available closer to the gathering dates.


The program is sponsored by LINZimPULS, so we can cover travel, lodge and food.

If you need materials to work with, please define them in the application form and we will see if we can provide them.